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Originally Posted by Mjr View Post
IMO you are wrong, Roach has worked with a bunch of top guys for many many years. Alizio is spot on the money here. Fighters can feel when they are advancing their skills with a certain trainer. Roach wouldn't get the business he gets if he wasn't making a huge impact on the fighters game. He also wouldn't get return business from the same fighters again and again.

The guy is simply amazing, I watched a documentary/short film on him last year, the guy really knows his shit. Personally I think he hasn't quite grasped the concept of MMA striking yet, but this is probably due to stubbornness attached with traditional boxing vs MMA.

So your saying that Nacho Berinstain couldnt have trained Manny to what he is today.....if so....then you sir are wrong....

make sure you understand the subject, he never trained 17 fighters to titles, hell he trainned tyson for the freak show in Memphis.....

I know he has a lot of talent as a manager all the acclaim he has gotten from manny would have come to ny guy that trained him PERIOD....if you cant see natural talent when its there then you sir are the one who is wrong...

I like Freddie but the Mayweathers, berinstain, emaunuel lewis are all better trainers IMO....

If they has Manny he would be what he is today.....thats the point...

Sorry for the bad spelling in rush....
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