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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
So your saying that Nacho Berinstain couldnt have trained Manny to what he is today.....if so....then you sir are wrong....

make sure you understand the subject, he never trained 17 fighters to titles, hell he trainned tyson for the freak show in Memphis.....

I know he has a lot of talent as a manager all the acclaim he has gotten from manny would have come to ny guy that trained him PERIOD....if you cant see natural talent when its there then you sir are the one who is wrong...

I like Freddie but the Mayweathers, berinstain, emaunuel lewis are all better trainers IMO....

If they has Manny he would be what he is today.....thats the point...

Sorry for the bad spelling in rush....

I never said Manny wouldn't have advanced to the level he is at today if he trained entirely under Nacho. You just tossed that assumption up from nowhere.

I am aware he never trained 17 fighters entirely for titles, if you even read my post, I said the fighters that he trained wouldn't return to him if he didn't make a big impact on their game.

Freddie Roach is who he is mainly cuz of Manny.
IMO Freddie Roach is who he is because of the stable of fighters that he trains, be it intermittently or regulars. This is a conversation we could be having about Lidell's trainer, certainly not Freddie Roach.

I don't really bother debating with you CC because you write your posts as if they are fact. Then you question the other persons knowledge on the subject. This is your trademark debating platform.
All the "you sir are wrong" references get old very fast, hell lets throw in a for the record. Happens in numerous threads, I can't even be bothered reading it.

Now you will come in with your hands in the air "why are you attacking me"

I am not, I am just pointing out it's pointless debating with you, I know other people in the past have had the exact same problem.
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