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Originally Posted by Cptmats View Post
I think your absolutly right, however on the same note there are prob a hundred others that could make this list as well ! do you narrow it down to twenty five ? so many great fightS where do you draw the line ?so many great ones to chose from, great fights will always be left out ! btw barnett vs Nog II is one of my all time favs !
I think you should look at fights that consisted of every part of a Mixed Martial Arts fight and not just a wrestling match or boxing match. A lot of fights are mentioned just because of their fast pace and adrenaline fuelled exchanges, not necessarily a good representation of MMA (stand-up - kicks & knees, elbows & punches and ground - jujitsu & wrestling). But i suppose that's what some people enjoy...

Nog vs Barnett 2 is also one of my favourites! But mostly because Nog won it this time round!

Also i enjoy the really technical fights, or the fights where technique beats brawling as i'm not a big fan of fights where people just brawl without any technique, thats why the fight between Crocop and Silva was one of may favs too. Crocop just dominated the stand-up beautifully by his superior footwork it was amazing the way he moved from one side of Silva to the other and Silva was like what the hell!? And he was throwing straight jabs to Silva's looping punches which weren't reaching him. The pinnacle of Crocop's career, a classic.
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