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Originally Posted by crispsteez View Post
and whoever said they should stop having events in VA can suck it because it's my home state and i'm not driving across multiple states just to see a live ufc event.
You can suck it it's obvious the majority of the people there suck ass, and you suck ass for being so selfish that you want more events held there just because you live there and don't want to drive.

I want events at places where the majority of people don't boo great fights. I can care less about you and your home state, as does 99% of the rest of the country.

You were probably booing also given the attitude your displaying here.

In fact because of your "suck it" attitude I'm going to further my efforts in contacting Dana White and the UFC and letting them know just how displeased I am with having another UFC in VA, so congrats asshole you just made it worse for you and your state.
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