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The Huerta blow was clearly to the shoulder, but oddly enough that isn't even the point. Yves thought the blow was to the head, so he warned him. But then awarded him the victory. If he THOUGHT he nailed him to the head and kocked him out that is an automatic DQ.

--Something I posted in another thread--

Also, I don't know why this is being ignored, but Silva DID land 4 fully illegal elbows to Lutter's head, which after the fight made his forehead look Fing pregnant.

The 4 time UFC champ Randy Couture saw it, but I think he didn't want to make Herb "Fing" Dean look like a chump in yet another title fight. To define why those elbows were illegal, elbows in the UFC need to be deliver in a swinging motion across the body, not in a up/down digging motion. That is why usually people end up hitting with the forearm more than the actual elbow. It needs to be a continuous rotating swing. Silva just drove the point of his elbow into the top of Lutter's head. That is so illegal, I was looking at the TV yelling "OMG .... DQ again for Silva!"

I'm glad Lutter lost, cause he is a fat chump, but Silva sems to have a hard time following the rules of the organizations he fights in. He better read the damn manual, and the UFC needs to start enforcing its rules!
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