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Originally Posted by attention View Post
Im a big Wandy fan, but I think Bisping has a decent chance.

I dont think he will repeat the 'circle the wrong direction, towards his opponents power' strategy.

Assuming that to be the case, he can remain elusive and stay outside of the pocket and bruise up Wandy's mug enough for 2 rounds... then in the 3rd, step in, do damage, then get out quickly.

The problem with Wandy is that he has gotten really flat footed, he's not as nimble as he used to be.

That said, I still hope Wandy lures him in and drops him like he did Jardine

He will def be doin what he did in the Leben fight though i am just hoping that Wandy is more aggressive than Leben was and moves in, its not like Wandy is a scrub on the ground so i dunno if thats Mikes best shot, this to me is a fight between a washed up Wandy and Bsping who needs a win.....and I trhink Dana knows that and thats why he set up this fight, i mean if Wandy loses.....whats next for him????
Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Really don't see why Bisping should shut it? He said nothing wrong at all this time. He's blogging about an upcoming fight and how he feels he has the potential to win it. If he didn't have that view point I doubt he'd even be a fighter.

He also said what he has to beware of and what Wandy brings to the table. He showed no disrepect and people are already jumping on him. Shocking.
I think he should shut it based off the title of this article, in terms of every fighter they are aways gonna be confident comming in, I just think after his last fight he should adopt the role of let my fighting do the talking....thats all...
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