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Originally Posted by Diokhan View Post
Ya Im worried this'll happen. I really wanna see JDS on his back against Gabe though, because that'll be the position he'll spend alot of time vs. Brock, Carwin, Mir and even Cain if he can't get back up.
Basically he isn't the biggest guy in the division, he has no wrestling background and "only" brown belt on jitsu. So Im really curious to see the weaker side of his game in action.

With that being said Im hoping Cain beats Nog so we'll see JDS in title fight sooner. I don't think that Nog has anything to offer vs. Brock or Mir while JDS atleast has a chance to drop them standing.
I am expecting Gabe to lose the stand up and go for some takedowns. Thing is I don't think Gabe has the best takedowns out there so he may not get JDS to the ground.

It would be nice to see how JDS stands up against some grappling but I am not sure Gabe will be the one to test it.

I wouldn't count Gabe out of the fight but I think JDS is the favorite in my mind.

I don't see Cain beating Nog. It is a terrible match up for him I think. Cain has no punching power (my brother calls him "pillow hands" ) so he isn't going to finish this standing or on the ground. It will be lay and pray if he does win. But you know Nog wants to get to the ground and work JJ on him.

I am not really a Nog fan (don't dislike him either) so it would be nice for me if he was moved aside for Dos Santos to move forward but I can't see it happening.

Cain would be the test that you want Gabe to be I think. Not sure if the UFC would put that fight together if Cain loses and JDS wins though.
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