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Daley: I'll never fight my mate Dan

PAUL "Semtex" Daley has ruled out any chance of fighting fellow Nottingham star Dan Hardy in the UFC.

Hardy tackles welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre for the title in late March and Daley is on course to challenge the winner.

"It's not going to happen. Never," said Daley.

"Dan and I train together and have been best mates for eight years. No way do I want to fight him. And Dan feels the same way.

"I will fight anyone the UFC put in front of me – but not Dan. What would be the point?"

Daley feels he has proved his critics wrong following his sensational knock-out win over Dustin Hazelett in Las Vegas.

"Some members of the Press said there was no way I would ever get into the UFC, but I knew I would one day," he said.

"I've now beaten two of the top Americans and been rewarded with a new six-fight deal. So I feel I've proved my detractors wrong."

Daley was going to treat himself to a week off when he got back home to Nottingham, but was soon back in action at Liberty's gym.

"I was bored stiff," said Daley. "I could not handle hanging around with nothing to do. I've had a great start to life in the UFC but I'm not getting carried away.

"I'm still on a learning curve.

"Hazelett was highly-rated but I knew I could beat him after I saw fear in his eyes. When he asked for a drink just before the fight started I knew his mouth was dry and that he was scared. He didn't seem to know what to do."

Daley is hoping that his next fight – probably against Josh Koscheck – will be in Nottingham.

"That would be brilliant," he said. "I don't mind if it is John Fitch or Koscheck, as long as it is in England. That would be awesome.

"There may be a show in Abu Dhabi, but I don't want to fight there. But I have been invited to go on a promotional trip to Australia next month and I'm really looking forward to that."

Daley will again use boxing coach Tony Laing in the build-up to his possible fight with Koscheck.

Daley says Laing, younger brother of former British star Kirkland, made a valuable contribution to his sensational knock-out win over Hazelett.

"I had four weeks with Tony ahead of the Hazelett fight and he was brilliant," added Daley. "He was there at 7am and was never late once. I will definitely use him again."

Daley says he will prepare for his next fight in exactly the same way – training for four weeks in Nottingham and then re-locating to Holland.

"I hope it is Koscheck next but he has been injured, so it might be John Fitch," said Daley.

"I wont be thinking too much about it until I definitely know who it is."

Koscheck was back in the gym for the first time this week after picking up an injury which kept him out of a UFC 109 rematch with Paulo Thiago.

There has already been some "needle" between Daley and Koschek.

And the Nottingham fighter has already begun the mind games. His recent reference to Koscheck being 'fraggle-haired' prompted photoshop pictures of Koscheck as a Fraggle, one of the Jim Henson puppet characters from the old television series Fraggle Rock.

"It's a bit of a laugh. The fans love it," added Daley.
Right... Ive had it up to here with this shit. The UFC needs to get involved and stop this gym loyalty thing that's becoming far to common. Although, I do remember another interview with Hardy where he clearly stated he had no problems fighting team members as he punches them in the face every day anyway. Could it be that Daley isnt confident he can beat Dan?

Also sounds like it wont be Koscheck next. Daley vs Fitch would suit me fine. Time to see what this boy is made of.

I want to see some of the photoshopped Koscheck-fraggle pics!! Anybody know where they are?
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