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When 2 professional athletes openly state they wont compete against each other because they are friends it really boils my piss, its a sport and if you want to be a competitor then you should be willing to take on anyone.

Just like A.Sliva and Machida, I find this argument not to fight an opponent completely unjustified, its not like they have to fall out in the local pub and start brawling with each other, its the sport they both make a decent living from.

If the natural course of events means that 2 fighters have to face each other because they are the even matched competitors creating a fight to see who deserve to move up to bigger and better opponents, who should have the title shot, or if you are the Champ and your best friend is the number one contender, then it should not matter best friend or not they should fight, in fact facing a situation like this if I where Dana White I would say "**** That" you are going to fight or forfeit the UFC.

Its like if a footballer playing for Man Utd said he wont play against Chelsea because he supports them, would love to see what Alex Ferguson or any football manager would have to say about that, its completely BULL SHIT
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