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Originally Posted by Xerxes View Post
Randy vs Vera is the same case. If Vera was the one with the big name.. he'd have gotten the decision imo.
I think if VERA had actually come to fight, pushed the pace a little, and not keep being afraid to lose, and afraid to pull the trigger not only would he have gotten the decision but probably a KO/TKO.

VERA is to blame for his loss in that fight.

I think what people don't seem to realize is that the three judges sitting ringside are HOMO SAPIENS just like you and I. No more, no less. They have their own views/understanding of the fight game, and in that moment who knows what exactly they're looking at in the fight.

it is the judges DECISION on who wins the fight. Look how many of us on these message boards got split up over the SHOGUN/MACHIDA, or COUTURE/VERA fights, and are you seriously telling me that no 1 judge can see things a different way? Plus you're assuming that just because they're judges that they're intelligent/educated judges. This I doubt, is always the case.

Us fans care too much about our personal opinions, and sometimes I think WE THE FANS care more about records than the fighters. Look how upset, and quickly ready to disregard illegal blows people were after the HAMILL/JONES Fight.

My question is this; How many of you are truly stepping outside of your own opinions, and "favorite fighters" and viewing fights with an unbiased criteria? If you were doing that you would see the SHOGUN/MACHIDA fight was a close war of two technical masters that could've gone either way, and went to the champion.

If MACHIDA lost, the tables would be turned, and the situation would be the same. That's why we're having a rematch because the fight was so blatantly close.

If you view the COUTURE/VERA fight, one could say COUTURE won a decision unglamorously through octagon control, and VERA'S personal lack of engagement and activity lost him that fight. But again, we here on this board are ONLY HUMAN. And I'm sure some of you, still, and always, will see things differently.

And there is NOTHING wrong with that. Do you really want us all to just THINK/FEEL the same? Cause that would surely get boring.

EDIT: Anyone who has been watching UFC for a while now surely has heard the phrase "Don't leave it in the judges hands, because it can yield odd results." And that is a truth that has been known for a long time now.

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