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Originally Posted by HCbreaker View Post
BECAUSE i use LOTS AND LOTS of captalized WORDS in my ARGUMENT, i am CLEARLY THE WINNER, judges are ALWAYS right, and you are STUPID for thinking otherwise. GOOD DAY

Lol you really think machida won that fight? give me some of that ganja that youre smoking, seems to be working quite well.
OMG I'm so terribly upset at the fact that you disapprove of the way I type! Obviously someone isn't too understanding on the point of emphasis. I never said judges are ALWAYS RIGHT, and that YOU are STUPID! What I said is judges are ONLY HUMAN.

When I left the bar I watch the fights from, I truly didn't know what to think of that fight. I was in shock, I thought I had seen the first signs of UFC turning into WWE.

On a second viewing though I scored the first 3 rounds for Machida, although 1, and 2 were razor close. And guess what? That's what the judges saw too!

You want to know why Machida won that fight? Because the judges were obviously paying more attention to boxing, and strikes to the upper body, why don't you try using your god given powers of observation, instead of just being a prick with nothing to bring to the conversation?

and No, you can't have any of this GREAT Ganja I'm smoking, although it's quite evident you need some.
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