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Just watching Maynard vs Diaz for the first time and without sound because I wanted to see how close this actually was.

In the first round, Maynard landed some pretty solid punches, was the aggresor for most of the round and most of Diaz's punches that landed did little to no damage, none of his big punches landed. Diaz had a couple decent leg kicks but Maynard landing a big one that was probably just as devestating as Diaz's combined. Round goes to Maynard.

The 2nd round was closer but again Maynard was landing the much harder shots. He got a knockdown and had a couple other shots that noticeably hurt Diaz. Diaz had some decent punches but nothing damaging, just annoying little shots that threw off Maynards timing and did a decent job at keeping Maynard at a distance. Round goes to Maynard.

In the third round Diaz is the aggresor now, he is also doing a lot better job at keeping Maynard from landing solid shots. Knocked Maynard off balance. Maynard finishes strong though with a knockdown and a couple other strong punches. I give this round to Diaz though as he controlled most of the round.

Imo Maynard won the fight.
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