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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
Correct, it's from the gene doubling, but the problem with Bully Whippets is you can't treat them like a normal whippet. You have to treat a B.W. like you would treat a larger dog like a St. Bernard.

ie, don't take them to the speed or agility courses, don't play endless frisby with them, don't sprint with them, etc. All stuff that's great for normal whippets, but aren't ideal for the B.W.'s frame.
Whippets are built to RUN--- what quality of life can a dog have if he cannot possibly do what he was first created to do? that's the problem I have with this whole issue.

I once read that "running for dogs is what dancing is for humans--- it is what puts them in touch with the universe"

People SEE something they LIKE It or THINK they are cool, they get these animals with no further though of what they are doing--- they just DO NOT THINK OF THE ANIMAL, they only think about what THEY WANT--- its MORALLY irresponsible to KNOWINGLY breed a defect that will prohibit a dog or ANY LIVING THING to LIVE a GOOD long quality life---

I just cannot understand the mentality behind this, you ( "you" as a figure of speech) want a bully type dog? get a dog that HAS the conformational and fiscal capabilities to carry that bully type in a HEALTHY manner--- there are PLENTY healthy type bully type dogs IN ALL SIZES anything from 20lbs to 150lbs.

By the way large breeds do NOT have to be treated any different then you treat a whippet or smaller dog, when it comes to running or playing, LARGE dogs that are healthy can do ANYTHING a small dog like a whippet can do successfully--- NOT AS FAST for sure, BUT equally as good---- I BET MONEY THEY CAN--- I have seen them as well. The boy you see on the pictures I posted earlier is about 120- to 130 lbs of season--- when he is at hunting weight he is about 100lbs or so--- and he is a feather in the woods and fast as lightning, he is also a power house, he can leap 5 feet up from a stand still--- he was breed to be this way.

I am a DOG ENTHUSIAST, I breed, train and hunt dogs---- I study, research and spend hundreds of hours studding dogs because they are my passion---- its what I do day in day out---- I have 13 dogs at the time--- they all get extensive exercise, health screening for hips, heart, elbows and Cert on my larger dogs, they get healthy food and plenty enough to keep lean muscle mass--- they can hunt anything from 1hr to 10 or 11hrs and this is normally at a trot and sprints at times and FULL ON SPEED RUN if they have pray on site---- they get as much running and romping as they can possible get--- I give this example to prove that you should and can do with LARGE DOGS EVERYTHING you can and should do with smaller or medium size animals--- NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER.

Bully whippets are NOT healthy dogs--- I have seen their owners suffer a great deal both emotionally and in the wallet and end up having to finally put them down anyhow---- there is NO FIX for a genetic problem of this sort--- Supporting breeders who do breed them is IRRESPONSIBLE--- I am not saying that if a breeder gets one in a litter he is to put it down, BUT a breeder that PURPOSELY breeds a dog like this KNOWING it will suffer is IRRESPONSIBLE.

Reminds me of the poor kid in the play ground who had to sit and watch all the other kids play and enjoy them selves because he was unable to because of his asthma--- just so unfair and to do it on PURPOSE??? That’s just MORALLY WRONG.

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