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Anthony Johnson: "He's about to be snaggletooth when I get done with him"

New Rumble interview.

On his fight with John Howard...

"His style donít match up with me good at all. Heís fought some tough guys and I give him credit, but he ainít fought me or nobody with my style. If he thinks that his counterkicks and his counterpunches from hisÖI donít know if he still does it now, but itís not going to work and that bootleg wrestling of his is not going to work. He has another thing coming if he thinks it is. He ainít no Koscheck or anything close as far as his takedowns and stuff. He ainít as powerful as Koscheck and if heís not going to take me down, heís going to have a bad night. He ainít going to stand and bang with me; he ainít going to catch me like he caught Dennis Hallman, I can tell you that."

"But like I said, John Howard is tough. Heís not a pushover. I donít think Iím going to go in there and run over the guy. Iím going to go out there and fight him and itís going to be a good fight. He knows how bad I have wanted to fight him and Iím sure he is training his ass off for me because he knows Iím going to bring it. I expect a good fight. Itís like I said on my Facebook, his time has run out and now heís about to be snaggletooth when I get done with him."

"Iím almost at a loss for words as to what I think this fight is going to be like. I heard he called me 'Crumble.' He says I crumble when I get pressured and stuff, but ainít nobody made me crumble yet. I had one mental breakdown and that was when Koscheck pulled his little stunt, but other than that, I ainít broke down in no fight. I go out there and fight with everything I got and everybody knows that, so as far as me crumbling, it ainít going to happen."

"I see a lot of people say why step down a level where Howardís at, but Howard is an up-and-comer and I have already somewhat established a name in mixed martial arts myself. A lot of people say I should be fighting top 10 guys, but you know what man? Anybody on any day can get beat, top 10 or not. It doesnít matter man, a fight is a fight. It is what it is."
More in the full interview:

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