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Ok. 1st of all, the purpose of this thread isnt to debate about the Machida/Shogun decision so please let's not derail it and make it the 1000th thread on the topic.

Secondly sNuFf_rEaLiTy, funny that you're suggesting I'm being biased with my opinions. I dont care for Vera (in fact I like Randy better) nor do I care for Shogun, Tom Lawlor, Hamill or Wiman.

Ftr I'm a huge GSP fan (my favorite fighter) and as I said in this thread a couple of days ago, I'd pick AS over him if they were to fight eventually (even though stylistically GSP has a decent shot at defeating him and very few people would argue that). So yeah, so much for the 'you're being biased' argument

This thread is about the judges often (not always) favoring (deliberately or not) certain types of fighters over others whenever the fight goes the distance and it's one that 'could go either way'.

Shogun vs Machida is a great example since the 1st 3 rnds were very close and they all got scored for Lyoto (2/3 judges).

The last round of Randy/Vera was very close and it went to Randy.. and so on.
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