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Sorry Tox, but Belcher is gonna stomp him >:[

EDIT: This is more because I'm a HUGE Belcher fan (check the sig!), but I think you're seriously underrating him, too, Toxic. Belcher brings nothing to the table that Grove, McFedries and Smith didn't? Belcher's Muay Thai is WAY more on point than all of them, not to mention he has way more power than Grove could ever hope to have. His striking is really diverse, so he isn't going to do nothing but punches and a couple leg kicks. He'll mix up angles and his level of attack, something none of those three, with the possible exception of Grove, do well, if at all. His ground game is more defensive, but I think that is just going to mean Cote won't sub him. His sweeps are solid, too, so if Cote wants to take it there it's going to be hard to keep it.I think Belcher is probably his toughest opponent yet outside of Anderson... Belcher may not have the power to KO him, but I can see him out pointing him to a UD.

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