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I agree with everything but the third sentence of the first paragraph.

I add to my knowledge of MMA and the history/application/integration of related arts every day on this site. I've never once been ridiculed for the fact that I didn't know all this stuff 10 years ago, or don't know about the fighters or promotions that are considered "better" due to a pointless and unfounded elitism.

The information I get every day adds to my experience and ability in my own practice of combat sports, and I pass it on to the people in the growing standup striking/JJ type grappling classes I take.

I've gotten the best training/nutrition advice on this site than any other. Some of it came from you WL2FU, 3 years ago when I broke my ankle, and I haven't forgotten it.

I'm just a small representation of the skyrocketing numbers of women in martial arts/combat sports, and despite their participation, they are only a very small percentage of the MMA/UFC audience so far. Either way this forum has been by far the most helpful resource.

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