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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
Articles are not in competition for their earnings for this site. This site doesn't have an article section so that's not how they make money. In fact, if it wasn't for people writing articles on other sites, this forum would be boring and empty. Article sites need forums for exposure, and forums need article sites for content. They are SUPPOSED to work together, that's how the internet works. It's a community. But Vertical Sports takes the unethical route and just wants to hog all the traffic so they can collect AdSense revenue from Google Ads.

There's no real logical reason other than pure greed for them to force members to not view other sites. They make a ridiculous amount of money and all they have to do is sit back and wait for people to click ads (meanwhile you mods and us members are doing all the leg work for NO PAY). The longer people are on their site the more chances they have to get ad clicks. But people are on this site 24 hours a day, constantly. To have about 70 members (this is the amount of page views I got from this site) take a few minutes to read a UFC related article is not going to affect them in any way shape or form.

My favorite reason they want us to post the whole article is because it pretty much guarantees that each page of that thread will contain relevant, high-paying ads, due to the mass amount of keywords that are going to be copy and pasted onto the first post. Essentially, they are trying to steal keywords in order to make more money. Ethical? Sure why not.

Plus I worked hard researching, writing, editing, formatting, and publishing my work, I don't want it to be seen in a shitty gray quote box and have to re-format it all again to make it look the way I intended.

Anyone who agrees with this rule...I don't ever want to see you make a post about how the UFC acting like they own MMA is messed up. EVER. I WILL CALL YOU OUT ON IT
This site doesn't have an article section

they do have a blog section on here if you would like to use it

you go off on them for wanting money but a main real reason you dont want to post the full article is because you make money if people go to the other site to view your blog. which is fine and dandy and I would want it to but I would not come on here and expect them to let me make money off of them.

There's no real logical reason other than pure greed for them to force members to not view other sites.
this part bugged me too because I gave you an example of a very logically reason in the post you quoted but you I guess chose to ignore it

it really is a convenience thing for me, I hate having to leave the site to look at information in threads that is the reason I loved that they made it so we could embed allot of movies on here so i did not have to leave the website to go to youtube every time I wanted to see a video, and yes this also deals with blog/articles being fully posted on here also.

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