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Originally Posted by rygu View Post
Very misleading title, ruins the integrity of this entire post imo.

Had Nate actually claimed that Rogan caused him to lose the decision, i would have called Nate a dumbass as well but he didn't. I know Nate talks a lot of shit so people tend to react quicker and maybe obtain a distorted perception but all Nate was saying is he thought Rogan was on Maynard's nuts the whole fight.

Rogan is known to be bias once in a while obviously but i didn't see it very much in this fight, Grey was kind of busted up but Aaron Simpson took a shitkicking in that first round and went on to win.

The only thing Rogan does that annoys me is act like an inside keg-kick is up there with a knee to the face.
Yeah did anybody even read the quotes? Why is Nate getting blasted for something the author put into his own words. The whole "partial blame" comment was created by the author. Nate was insinuating that Joe's commentary influenced fan reaction, not the judges' decision. If you want to insult him for that then by all means but I think people just read the title and decided they'd come in and bash on the guy.
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