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I hope your beloved JDS fights Lesnar. Lesnar would take him down and pound him out. I like JDS too but he doesn't have the tools to beat Lesnar, his only chance would be to knock him out before the fight went to the ground.

And Nog didn't outwrestle Couture... I had to go watch the fight because I couldn't remember this happening and it didn't. There was very little wrestling in that fight. Nog used his great jiu jitsu to sweep Couture in the 2nd and Couture did the same thing in the 3rd. The other times Nog had control of Couture on the ground was after he rocked him and pounced him, not because he wrestled him to the ground.

Using Fedor as an argument isn't fair either. And I am in the camp that thinks Lesnar might actually be able to overwhelm him because of the size advantage.

Edit: And I agree that I don't think Lesnar would be a good match up for Velasquez. But Velasquez would look decent against him and would survive for at least a while because of his wrestling.

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