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Originally Posted by GMK13 View Post
Mir hypes himself so much it's unbelievable. i respect him as a fighter but nothing else.
His ego is pretty funny. Watching some of these interviews of his, it wouldn't be surprising if he thought he was the 2nd coming of Jesus.

Originally Posted by alizio View Post
JDS will realize that size matters soon enough when you have no wrestling base. Mir learned the hard way, the same lesson is coming for JDS except his BJJ isnt as good as Franks and he will be in more trouble on his back then Frank is. Now you got a freak like my boy Cain who has elite wrestling plus is a BJJ world champion. The days of BJJ alone being enough are coming to an end fast, these wrestlers are also bjj guys now so these bjj guys better start learning wrestling or be left behind.

Mirs standup is evovling as we speak, those that continue to ignore this fact will continue to be surprised as Mir continues to outstrike supposedly "better strikers" like Nog and Kongo. I dont think Mirs striking is on a JDS level (frankly, almost nobody in the division is on that level) but it is more then good enough to beat most HWs standing and those he cant likely cant hang on the ground.
I wanted to argue this, but nvm I did my research. Lmao, had no idea he won as a blue belt. Dope.

Had no idea he was a purple belt in BJJ either.

''You probably thought this was a bright idea, who hit the light switch? Hype shift, this is where it looks like the fight's fixed, tight fist, beat you with the hand that I write with, punchlines that remind Rodney King of the night sticks...''

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