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Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
Normal JJ (Japense JJ) Is stand up, they throw and do wrist locks standing. BJJ (Brazillian JJ) Is grappling, youre on the ground choking each other and breaking limbs.

JJJ is a waste of youre life, BJJ is the best thing that will hapen to you.
Wow... I really don't know what to respond about this. I will say that the new breed of "MMA FIghting Elitists" that tout BJJ and MT as the end all/be all styles to train in are just as annoying and ignorant as the TMA marketers from the 2 decades preceding UFC 1.

I will only say this once: Look your shit up, before you spew ignorant crap like this. Maeda's style of Judo that he taught to Gastao Gracie was not the Kano methodology that became modern Judo. Maeda's style was older (Kosen Judo) that he dubbed Ju-Jutsu as it wasn't in a form readily practiceable by the masses. It was the literal form of JJJ. If that "waste of youre life" view was shared by Helio's father, then BJJ would not exist.

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