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Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
Normal JJ (Japense JJ) Is stand up, they throw and do wrist locks standing. BJJ (Brazillian JJ) Is grappling, youre on the ground choking each other and breaking limbs.

JJJ is a waste of youre life, BJJ is the best thing that will hapen to you.
JJJ isn't "a waste of your life" and BJJ isn't "the best thing that will happen to you" either. There are tons of submission arts that all work in MMA and in real life. I think you watch too much UFC though, since the majority of the people there train in Muay Thai and BJJ and that's about it. Other arts such as Sambo, Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Shoot wrestling, Judo, or more general Submission Wrestling all work well if the fighter is well trained in that art (and in some cases make modifications to their art, such as Greco-Roman Wrestling not giving their back to their opponent, which is supposedly common among that style of wrestling but that will easily lead to your downfall in MMA).

The thing is, JJJ isn't optimal for MMA but that doesn't mean there aren't things that will transfer from that art to the ring. I wouldn't train in it for sports since there are a lot of things you can't use in MMA, but that doesn't mean it is a waste of a life.
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