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IMO the elbews were illigal. Although they followed a "swinging motion", the elbows should have come from the other side. The fist should be near the head FIRST and the tip of the elbow to follow, NOT the elbow first then the fist. I do believe this is what the "downward" strike is disallowed for in essence.

It needs to be cleared up, but i was also shouting for a DQ, and initially thought Herb Dean was stopping the fight for the illigal elbows. I was with Rogan on this, what was the difference from that and the downward elbow but a little more pressure. The right hand should start from his right side and swing across, NOT start from his left and allow the elbow connect before ANY othe part of the arm passes his head.

And i agree also with the knee, the ref shouted "no knee's to the head", then proceeded to let him lie down and get the crap punched out of him, if you thought he knee'd him illigally STOP THE FIGHT drop a point and restart. I expect Herb Dean to be crap these days, seems only Steve Mazagati and Big John are worthy
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