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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
Didn't know about the article section, and the blogs suck nobody reads those. My point still stands that article sites are not in competition with MMAforum.

70 Page views on both articles and I made 17 cents, compared to MMAforums $5000+ a month on this forum alone (not including all their other forums)). I don't write on that site to make money, that would be a waste of time. I write there cuz I like their platform and editors. I write for other sites to make money, and not about UFC topics either, they make pretty much no money at all, but generic topics tend to.

I didn't see a "logical" reason anywhere in your post

Personally I think that's your choice but I don't think I should be forced to copy and paste a 5000 word 2-page article just cuz some people are too lazy to click a link. That's a bit absurd IMO.

Point also still stands that MMAforum is trying to steal keywords to make more money.
Ya we have a blog section, have had for 3 years. We want bloggers to post in there, full articles.

$5000 a month? come on now, get real.

Come on, why not volunteer articles to us instead of getting posters to leave the forum to read your blog? You can then post the url in your article at the end.

Your complaining in public is very were asked and warned numerous times not to promote your blog and to volunteer full articles every now and then. So the infraction should not come as a surprise!

Also the mods tell me you get paid for each member that comes to your blog, if thats true then we cant allow that, especially if we get zero benefit from your blog.

If you feel so strongly the need to spam your blog, then the only way to do it from now on is post the article in its entirety. Then if you want to post a url to your blog, the mods may agree to that.
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