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Originally Posted by M_D View Post

they do have a blog section on here if you would like to use it

you go off on them for wanting money but a main real reason you dont want to post the full article is because you make money if people go to the other site to view your blog. which is fine and dandy and I would want it to but I would not come on here and expect them to let me make money off of them.

this part bugged me too because I gave you an example of a very logically reason in the post you quoted but you I guess chose to ignore it

it really is a convenience thing for me, I hate having to leave the site to look at information in threads that is the reason I loved that they made it so we could embed allot of movies on here so i did not have to leave the website to go to youtube every time I wanted to see a video, and yes this also deals with blog/articles being fully posted on here also.
ok, it should bother you. The poster is trying to make it personal. This is not about the owners as I stated to him above, but it is policy, what the staff wants.

We are not picking on the poster exclusively! We want bloggers to post articles, if they disagree, thats fine! But then we deserve the right to enforce information we want on here! So that must be understood by all.

Besides it not like we are completely censoring the blogger. He is allowed to have a url in his signature if he wishes!

You brought up articles, I just want to say articles are different than blogs. How so? No disrespect intended to the poster, please dont take it this way, anyone can blog. I can start a blog. Again I am not trying to dish the blogger, I know time and research is involved in his articles, but there is and has been a stigma applied to reporters compared to bloggers. Maybe in time that will change. If it does, then maybe policy will change here as well.

Articles are mostly done by reporters, and beat writers and there are real copyright laws that apply to their info. Fair use allows us partial posting of articles and a url linked to the articles.

This also applies to beat writers that blog as well. Copyright applies to their article.
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