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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
I can't really tell what you're referring to with this post, sorry.

Yes I agree it is what it is...illegal. Just so it's known, yea they can ban me for breaking the rules, but that rule is actually illegal. It's keyword theft and not only does it allow them to have high paying relevant ads on each page of a thread (notice how this thread's ads have nothing to do with MMA?)it also allows them to steal traffic from the original site because MMAforum's Alexa Ranking is so much higher than all these article sites that when someone searches on google for an article, MMAforum will have first dibs on the front page because they naturally have a higher search engine ranking. So the person clicks on the MMAforum thread and reads it there instead of the original source.

You guys(not all you of course) can act like it's no big deal all you want but the fact of the matter is this is some of the most shady shit you can do in online business. If google knew about this MMAforum would very likely get blacklisted by them and permanently banned from Google AdSense.

But yea I've said my piece and I'm going to be saying it again to Vertical Sports via e-mail. I'm done talking about this now
Illegal? How so? Forums have the right to dictate and control what is seen and read!

Look, I dont disagree with some of what you are saying. VS advertises heavily their forums in search engines! If they didn't, then we would not have the traffic we do. Add to it the bang up job that staff has done, both the staff we have now and in the past!

You do not have legal grounds to fight this imo.

We have a forum in the network where staff doesnt allow ant spamming at all. That includes, bloggers, reporters, etc; and they do not allow urls in signatures. It was that way before I became associated with it!

Also, you can try and downplay the money you make from having posters come to the blog. I am sure VS would not agree to this as well.

Again we are not trying to censor you! Put a url in your signature. Your upset with VS wanting to make money, yet on the flip side, that is what you are tying to do off of this forum. A simple url in your signature will still get posters to your forum will it not?

One last time VS does not or ever have dictated policy!

I will talk to them as well.
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