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Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
I LOVE this match-up Joe Silva is a smart mo fo, I don't see Roy Nelson being able to use his striking all that great in this fight, so its going to be REALLY sweet watching how Roy is going to try to set some angles and try to move around those Telephone polls he calls Arms. I see Roy circling left and right till he gets a opening to get in the Inside, prob land a clean shot and slam the giant, and probably pull off a good ground and pound. I dont see him trying to pull of his usaul crucifix because i think struve will be looking for it but if he does Kimbo and other really big HW's couldn't get out of it how is Skinny Bones Struve going to even move... I hope Struve wins by Sub, but would be cooler if Struve is able to use his reach effectivly and take Nelson out. That would be nice but doubtfull
Roy is too big and experienced for Struve. Struve has a ton of potential as he is young as hell still, but Roy should have better striking and jitsu which together with that size advantage should bring him the win. Struve with 20 pounds of extra muscle would be a beast though, but thats not gonna happen anytime soon.

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