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Originally Posted by the trainer
My advice to u is this:

Really try ur best to become a 'vegetable person', vegetables are reallygood for u.
as long as u eat a wide variety of different veges (different colours etc.)
u can never really have too many

fish + veges + lots of water = healthy as mate!

try the 2/3 1/3 diet
simply 2/3 of the things u eat shold come out of the ground
and 1/3 is meat and watever else u like

u will feel great & never get sick (or if u do the length and severity of the illness will be reduced by a lot)
yea veggies are awseome, so is fish and LEAN meats.. I was on the body for life program at one point.. dropped 47 pounds of fat in 6 weeks and never went hungy because You are allowed to eat extra portions of veggies if you need too.. ( I also gained 26 pounds of muscle) Plus I had energy through the roof I highly recomend the diet and exercise portions of the program though for some the exercise portion might be to intense if you have never worked out before.
If you really need a snack during hte day make it veggies.. carrots celery are great snacking veggies.. so are fruits but do not eat fruits once they are "Ripe" at that point the fruit is actually starting to rot and the sugars are building up in the fruit eat it when they are still firm much better for you. Hmmmm.. Being a former chef and dietician, I should post some healty recipies up here... Would anyone like that?

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