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Back. So I took a little more time off because my tattoo was still scabbing and I didn't want to push it.

BJJ yesterday. had a great class, I was dominant in the guard pass, had lots of great rolls and my arsenal is growing. I felt a bit lightheaded at parts of the class but I think that's more getting used to the intensity than it is weak cardio, if that makes sense. Got my first stripe for my blue. Tournament is in about 2 weeks!

Striking/MMA. Skipping, shadowboxing, simple boxing combos/blocks/counters with a partner. Boxing sparring, did well. MMA shadowboxing, technique was ground and pound. Crucifix and another one that I'll run through. From side control facing towards the guy, arm on his hip and other arm is punching. As he reaches up to stop the punch, swing top leg over his head, with your foot flat on the ground behind his head. It's a tight neck crank, you can reach over and punch him, and there's an easy armbar as well. Sexy move. Thn MMA sparring. Did 3 rounds, all of which I took down almost immediately, and spent most of the time in side control and mount. Successfully used the crucifix but the other one almost got me bumped over so I stopped. I keep having a reccuring moment with this one guy, I mount him and he goes deeper into the mount then brings his tree trunk legs to grab my body/neck and pull me out of it. I forot to ask Kajan for some help on that. It's not even like I'm leaning far back, I lean forwards to avoid it and he still gets me. Oh well. Great session. Jiu Jits tomorrow.
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