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Man, youre starting to piss me off. Im telling this guy not to waste his time on a pethetic martial art when it comes to fighting, if he wants a more non realistic martial art then he should go ahead and do JJJ, and yea im a kid but that no an excuse, i know about mma alot more then most people, when it comes to BJJ i know more then 90% of these forum people.
Let me make something clear to you: MMA is sport. When you train in MMA, you train according to the damn rules - for self-defense, it isn't too good. I mean, yeah, you could use it against a kid at your school. You could even show off with it - which you apparently do on the forums and in school ("lolz im the tough guy in my school. im invincible cuz i noe bjj. dont retaliate after this, or else, lolz").
You obviously have a superiority complex because your martial art is dominant in the UFC. That sort of mentality goes against the original principles of Mixed Martial Arts. Don't insult Onganju, he's one of the most helpful people at this forum, and the most knowledgable. He knows more than you'll ever hope to know, seeing as how you're single-minded and really damn stubborn.

Just to let you know, contrary to what people like you believe, there are traditional martial artists that'll destroy a MMA champion in a no-rules situation. Of course, these same styles are rendered useless in the ring, where there are rules. Who would you say is the better fighter - one who needs rules to protect him and use his style? Or the one who can fight in any situation and deal with any sort of attack?
So, please, grow up and open your mind..."be water, my friend..."

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