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5 minute warm up. Technique was a standing guard pass, grip their sleeve with same side arm, your other hand grips their lapel at the chest and clamps down over your first hand for a strong grip. Swing to the sides as you get up to a squat and then stand up, keeping the grip on the sleeve while the other hand pushes their knee as your body twists. Once it opens, come down, knee slides over and shin staples their leg to the mat. Also did a few attacks from side control. Instead of attacking the opposite arm we learned a few attacking the nearest arm. The one I liked and will look for is starting in scarf hold, attack their neck with forearm to get them to reach up, push the hand forwards toward the mat as if to americana, except its your nearest leg that hooks around their forearm, other leg triangles on it, raise hips to finish. Pretty much an americana from side control except with your legs and attacking the adjacent side arm. Also interested in playing around with the floating armbar. Scarf hold and gripping tricep securely, post with free hand and top leg, sliding bottom leg across their chest and hooking foot under their armpit, kind of like a knee on belly but it's knee on chest and their arm is trapped tight. Leg comes over for armbar. These techniques are getting harder to go over.

For rolling today I got sharktanked like 10 minutes. I flew through alot of people but it was lots of white belts and chicks. Lots of scissor sweeps, hip bump sweeps, a kimura, 3 triangles, and an omoplata sweep. I didn't stick around for open mats because by the end I was exhausted and my right elbow was aching. Muay Thai with Kultar tomorrow.
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