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IDK what Billy Reed's is, but my brother's stories of smug hippies have made us both ROFL.

He kind of is one, being a part-time tech support guy and full time musician, pursuing his doctorate in ethnomusicology, and was vegan for years upon years. His tales of hippy talk in the health food store (no not Whole Foods, that would be way too mainstream) and the Alternative Healing supplement to the Oregonian that comes out periodically, are sidesplittingly funny. He also has been to Burning Man many times. I think that gets you hippy points.

I have to go out there so we can get high together and walk around busting on smug hippies. He once illustrated Pacific NW talk like this:

"I wanted to go to the Ta Ki Te Na workshop, but it's hella spendy."

"$10 on the sidewalk! Groundscore!"

"Would you like a sack for that?" (There are no bags in Oregon).

"a couplethree"

"I gotta put some gas in my rig" apparently it doesn't have to be an 18 wheeler to be a rig.

And of course, the jo-jos that I'm so jealous of Spoken and Hex for having ready access to.

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