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Nathan "The Mollusk" or "Sonic" McGuire

hello readers and fellow fighters. My name is Nathan Brock McGuire and I amd trainning to fight my first pro mma fight either late april or early may. I have started my trainning camp and 2 day is day three but since im just starting it ill say this is day one.

Background: I am a dec 27th 20 year old and I plan 2 fight in either the 125 or 135 weight class for king of the cage.
I have 5-6 years american freestyle kickboxing trainning under 9th degree black belt Jerome Grant in Surrey B.C. and i have an amutur kickboxing recourd of 5-2 and a pro recourd of 1-1.

Trainning: I am trainning out of Fort St. John B.C. with team Iron Rhino. Fort St. John is 2100 feet above sea level and is way the **** up its cold lol. I have Fabin my new American freestyle teacher, Clint my BJJ teacher and the owner runs a cardio program.

I am planning to train 4 months fight. win. go back 2 van to join back up with Jerome and Perfection kickboxing Acadamy and another MMA gym.

So far ive been going 3-4 hours a day and i hope to keep it up.

But what do you think would be a better nickname...ive been called both and Choke_Wire was my old one but ive passed that on to my younger bro who plans to fight on the same card as me. Im and tainning at 7:00pm 2 night.

people say either the world will end at 2012 or the aliens will finnally come back to us.....

i hope not cuz im writing a sci fi novel

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