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Thursday - Muay Thai
Skipping with squats/pushups/situps between rounds. Shadowing combos on command 1 through 12. Various combos on the pad working off counters. Me and my partner drilled ******* hard and were yelping battlecrys by the end of every round. Kultar said we did good, but not fast/powerful enough. I don't think it's ever fast or powerful enough. Had a great class considering I was running on 4 hours of sleep.

Friday - MMA
Warm up with various acrobatics, Kajan had us do more combos off of counters. Then sparring. I was dominant but nothing too great. I wasn't feeling too awesome today, I've been very underslept all week. I'm on day 8 of completely quitting caffeine and it feels like I'm in withdrawals...either that or its outside stress keeping me up. Either way I get a good sleep tonight and I'm confident if I stay off the caffeine and have a regular sleeping schedule, it'll balance out soon. Major elbow soreness on the right side, old pains coming back already.

Kajan gave me a date for my fight. April 23rd in coquitlam. I googled it and there's a couple sites mentioning it as the finals of tournament, with the possiblity of more than one fight in a night (wtf?). There's also mention of there being only 30 seconds on the ground, as well as it being televised. Kajan didn't tell me any of this so it could be something else, we'll find out as we go.

Lifting and BJJ tomorrow.
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