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It's official! Jean-Claude Van Damme fighting in 2010

For the past few months we've been discussing the rumored 2010 kickboxing fight between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Thai Olympic boxer Somluck Kamsing, but have not heard anything official from Van Damme's side. Now, for the first time, Van Damme himself has spoken publicly and confirmed it - Jean-Claude Van Damme will face Somluck Kamsing in a legitimate kickboxing fight in 2010!

Van Damme spoke to the press about his plans for the year, indicating that he will have three reality shows this year - one related to casting, one behind the scenes on a Van Damme film project called The Tower, and one that follows Van Damme as he trains for his fight with Somluck.

The third show will follow both Van Damme in his training and Somluck as he trains in Thailand, culminating in the actual fight between the two men, to take place in either September or October in Macau, China (a change from the original plan to hold the fight in Las Vegas). Ever the self-promoter, Van Damme's The Tower will also be released at that time, so that in a one month span, Van Damme's different shows will wrap up, his new film will be released, and the Somluck fight will air.

Van Damme's comments on the fight:

[Fighting Kamsing] is kind of dangerous, but life is short and I want to do this fight... to prove to young people, and even to mature people, that a man can go into some very strong physical effort, training, and everything and also be a movie star.

It's always fun to see movie stars try their luck in sports. This fight will be fun to watch and I'm excited to see what Van Damme can do in a ring. Van Damme is 50.

Perhaps Stallone will try too and they could fight together. The winner should face Schwarzenegger.

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