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Originally Posted by baz00ca
the rule is open to interpretation. when i look at the rule I see it as saying you cannot strike North-South with the point of the elbow. interpreted in this way Silva's elbows were legal as they were going parallel to the mat.

It's really a rule that has to be clarified and/or rewritten by the NSAC
That's for sure. In the Royce Gracie special they put on a while back, Gracie had Keith Hackney in full guard and was driving elbows straight down onto the top of his head. One of the announcers mentioned that this would be illegal under today's rules which is consistent with what you've said.

Applying it to what Silva did, his elbows would technically be legal as he is swinging them across Lutter's head and not straight down into it.

But you're right, the rule needs some clearing up.
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