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The elbow thing has been done to death. In the interview with John McArthy after the Hughes Vs. Gracie match, he was asked about the elbows that Hughes threw and if they were legal. He noted that they were legal. His words were that the elbow has to be thrown vertically downward, with the hand at 12 o'clock and the elbow at 6 o'clock. He's given the Paul Varelans vs Cal Worsham match at UFC 6 as his example of an illegal elbow (you can see that at 3 minutes and 24 seconds of this clip here). So, no the elbows Silva threw were fine. If he wasn't going to be throwing elbows that way, he could have done them in a cross or rotating syle, or used hammer fists or punches. Lutter was not getting out of there as he was too concerned about about being put to sleep by that triangle.

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