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Originally Posted by pt447
Silva's win was not sketchy... my freakin god... will there ever be a PPV or a single fight that isn't disputed?
Have you seen some of the posts on this forum lol? That will never happen.

If you guys want to know what happened here it is: I have the fight on right now and I am watching the exact moment in question here for the third time.

Silva lands the up kick and lutter falls into the triangle. As lutter is defending and Silva is trying to secure the triangle Silva does throw a quick elbow straight down to the top of Lutters head. It didn't look very damaging. Silva would then take a look at the ref every now and then (its possible the ref might have said something but I have no idea). In between punches to Lutters head Silva raised up his elbow to strike on THREE different occasions and each time he put his arm back down without striking. After another second or so of struggling Lutter quickly turned to his right side to try for another escape and that is when Silva started using the elbows again. Because of the angle Lutter/Silva are at during this time the elbows can look illegal, but if you watch close all four elbows are going sideways and hitting the side of the head (for the most part).

Yes it is close but they are definitely NOT straight down elbows to the top of his head. It only looks that way because of the angle of their bodies. Go back and watch for yourself. Silva is striking with his right elbow and if you watch closely he starts the strike with his RIGHT arm/elbow on the LEFT side of his own face and uses a swooping motion. Each time his RIGHT hand/arm/elbow starts on the LEFT side of his own head and ends up on the right side at the end. His right arm/elbow did NOT stay on the right side of his body and go up and down. Even though he is striking with his elbow just watch his hand. It clearly shows how he is going from side to side.

So can we please, for the love of all things sacred in MMA, just ENJOY the fights and focus on their technique instead of focusing on something so stupid as this? Save your crying for when a fighter actually blatantly breaks a rule on purpose to try and win a fight he is loosing.
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