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Lutter lost, get it threw your small head. Anderson has learned a LOT from when he got DQ from an illigal kick, it takes an EXPERT to walk the line DQ and submission, just because you nubs on a forum think it was illigal doesn't make it so. They were parallel to the ground, and as a matter of fact, you can see when Anderson has him in the triangle, you can see him working out strikes that are leagl. So you can beat this all day long, but anyone whos says "ooohh it's illegal" clearly needs to A) look at the rules more, and B) Watch the fight better, because he clearly came across and not down.

Lutter is a nobody, he has some skills in BJJ, but to say that he is even anywhere NEAR Silva is just a stupid comment, Silva was TICKED before the fight, that Lutter couldn't make weight. So Silva had to show why you don't bite off more then you can chew. Silva took care of Lutter with ease, it may have been longer then any of his other UFC fights Lutter did less damage then any other fighter.

So please, Lutter isn't that great, just because you saw him on TUF - The Comeback, doesn't mean SHIT. How much more does Anderson Silva have to do before he gets your attention.

A) Chris - KO 47 seconds.
B) Rich - TKO 2:59 seconds
C) Travis - Sub 2:11 of the second round.

Silva hasn't even fought a full fight yet, and you give him no respect. He has KILLED EVERYONE that the UFC has put infront of him with ease. Even when "styles make fights" but when Lutter's Style isn't NEARLY as good as Silva's it makes it real easy for Silva to keep his belt.

So just drop it, if you watch the reply Herd was RIGHT in there watching thoes elbows, he was closer then ANY of you, and he's a PRO at what he does so your inexperianced eyes didn't like what it saw, doesn't make it illegal.

For most of you, ignorance is bliss, but for me it's about the truth.

Bets won:
4-0, Admins taken down in bets 2 (asskicker, Jdun11)

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