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Originally Posted by Zapatista
Would you consider Muay Thai a TMA if you learn it in Thailand? The only reason I ask is because it is a lot more spiritual and there's more than just the competitions in Thailand.

But ya, there are some really awesome TMAs, just look at internal arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga (not power yoga, but other schools such as Hatha Yoga).
No... Not really. The reason being is that in Thailand, they'd teach you Muay Boran instead if you were looking for its more "traditional" form. The Wai Kru, the music, the ritual of sealing the ring are definitely traditions tied closely to Muay Thai, but I think that is more indicative of Muay Thai's prominent role in Thai culture in general. You have to keep in mind that MT is the National Sport of Thailand and over 90% of the male populace has practiced it and trained at some point in their lives. MT is more important to the Thais than Baseball is to Americans.

I think most don't give TMA's enough credit. Furthermore most don't look into them deeper than what they see on TV, the Movies, or in the Cage/Ring. There is a large part of the Martial Arts that many people neglect away from gaining their next belt or winning their next tournament. Everyone wants to know if they can kick high, break things or make someone fall into uncosciousness. Not everyone considers learning how to avoid having to use what they learn in the first place. In that regard, if that is all that we strive for, what makes any Martial Art any more noble or worthwhile than Soccer or Bowling?

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