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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
It may be just me, but I am really into the extra's and not just the gameplay. For example I would LOVE to be able to customize the banner behind your fighter when he is being introduced. I would love entrances and post fight extras. I would also love to be able to already be referred to as a boxer or a wrestler vice having to spend most of the career being referred to as a mixed martial artist until i get my skill way up.

Other improvements are things that Fight Night has. I would like my guy to age as the years go on. I would also like to retire whenever I want. Like Fight Night lets you play forever, it just becomes difficult to win because your skills start going down. And then in the play now your fighters rating will stick when he was at his peak in career.

What can I say I am a sucker for extras in games. I have always enjoyed lots of customization and cutscenes, etc...

no man i totally understand what you mean

i think the game does look better, i expect there will be heaps of new moves and if that head movement is done properly - im sold!

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