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Day 5 Jan 27

Got a fight signed for Hardknoxs in Vancouver at the end of the month. Everything else will be confermed within the next to day. Plus i got anight ship job at i can pay my bills now.

Rules will be no head kicks, punches to head when on the ground, no elbows. If i win i move my self into a better position to be in the 8 man tourny which will have 3 fights over 3 nights....winner gets 10,000!!!!!

I weight my self and im 139.2 with out any food in me so im gunna be a small 135er

i found out i have a reach of 66....which sucks....sean sherk has the same length i was told today. lame

7:00 Kickboxing

Sparring (did really good)
Bag work

8:15 Grappling

transitions from mount side control and gaurd
chokes and arm bars

9:30 Weight

arms light weight lots of reps

10:00 signed deal

people say either the world will end at 2012 or the aliens will finnally come back to us.....

i hope not cuz im writing a sci fi novel
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