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Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
Wednesday, Worked on takedowns to side control then did some live grappling... Shortened class because everyone was to busy watch Gonzaga spar, which was cool anyway. Not to much of a workout but hopefully I won't end up puking tomorrow at Team Training like last time

Thats sick man! Yeah my brother has been in MMA here in Cali for about 11 years now, and MMA has always been a big thing in my Family.

I learned a lot of grappling from my Brother, (He needed a dummy to refresh what he learned at training everyday)

And plus he never shuts up about what he learned when he gets home anyway so i might as well find out on our Wrestling mat instead of getting more F'ing rug burns that NEVER go away.....

I choked out all my big friends that said

"You cant fight!"

Mostly the guillotine choke, because they all take me down like cool football stars that fall into my guard and get sub'ed lol...

Thats awesome bro that you can be getting some Pro fights! (My Brothers Dream) but he needs more training on stand - up... Which he hasn't enjoyed half as much as Mauy Thai, and Wrestling/Grappling...

Which is better that he doesn't train striking because i seen him take "Legal" steroids which i wouldn't doubt he takes the E legal ones as well......

But thats because my brother is starting to become a meat head and care more about what the ladies think then how he performs.... He is an Idiot...

But hey man keep posting i love hearing about your training and about your Diet, i my has like 15 different Diets i can ask him about... You looking to beef up or lean up? Sounds like to me LEAN up with all those Dunken Donut stops lol....

Off the top of my head, my bro does Low weights with High reps, for lean / cardio, and obviously running is #1, and swimming is actually insanely good for cardio if u have a pool in the area....

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