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Originally Posted by DahStoryTella View Post
So, chea: Good with kickboxing, good with Muay Thai, but boxing for me seems to be a lil' difficult to use effectively. I think it's because of the wack range boxing has other than those two lunging punches?

Anyways, any tips on how to use boxing in the best way in this game so I can make a good fighter in career mode with...Boxing/Random Grappling technique?
Definitely try Boxing /Wrestling...Boxing is really the best way to effectively KO people without getting your guy really tired, head kicks and thai clinch knees deplete your stamina bar quickly...

best way to use boxing is to BLOCK A LOT...wait till they come in close (the computer) and once their in clinch range uppercut the shit outta them..also dont ever stray away from body shots they do a lot of damage to their stamina and make it easier for a KO.

Hope this helped, I am undefeated in career mode with my boxer/wrestler currently.
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