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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
I don't ever, ever, ever let my significant other mess with my training. I'm nowhere near your level or caliber, either way I know you'll put that drama in its proper perspective soon.

Just look at your ink "This too shall pass."

I'm curious about your jump rope intervals. My instructor went abruptly from 2-3 min intervals to 9-10m and I am having to ice my left achilles tendon a lot as a result. It's a small thing but it interferes with my running, which bugs the shit out of me.
I love training when the outside world is a mess, it's therapy. However, I seem to have delicate sleep patterns right now and the current issues have taken their toll. It's not only difficult to train after sleeping 2-3 hours and working an 8 hour day, it can be counterproductive doing strenuous training without proper rest. But you're absolutely right, this too shall pass.

I don't know what to say about your achilles tendon. My leg issues with skipping were always shin splints, which with time I was able to work through and now they seem to have strengthened to a manageable degree. It's also strange that it would just be your left foot, maybe the way you skip is putting more stress on your left side than your right? Other than that I'd look into finding a more relaxed method of skipping if you haven't already.
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