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Originally Posted by MILFHunter947 View Post
well something ive been doing lately to help my punching is,i get a small weight (im using a 5 pound barbell), or a small weight relative to you, nothing heavy like 20 pounds or anything, but something that you feel has mass to it (get what i mean?)

and basically what i do is hold it and shadow-box with the weights in my hands.

what that does, it helps build hand speed(you said you already had that, but extra training never hurts) and also, as your shadow-boxing with the weights in your hand, its working out all the muscles used in a punch because youre putting resistance on those muscles, so its like when youre working out any other mucle, so basically it works out the power of your punch. and as you get used to a weight, you can always increase the weight. hope this contributed to your self-standup workout.
Yes using a light weight will help your handspeed but punching power not so much if you arn't throwing the punches correctly. If you arn't turning over and sitting back when throwing a straight right or left depending on how your standing, your punch isn't going to be as powerful then someone who does.

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