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At the end of the day with the PS3's price drops it does work out cheaper now thats for sure but 360 allways has new things coming out. I love both my systems but I allways go back to my 360.

Also how cna you say the PS3 is home for RPG's. That simply not true. The most successfull RPG's this generation have almost all been on 360 or both platforms. Action games have an edge on PS3 only because of Uncharted and MGS4(But that could have been done on 360 regardless of what fanboys will tell you) and DAMN I LOVE ME SOME UNCHARTED 2!!! That and Borderlands have been my favorite games over Xmas. That being said the PS3's graphical capabilities really get squandered do to the rise in development costs which sucks.

Uncharted is the most amazingly gorgeous game ive ever seen and Killzone looks great but really outside of those games the PS3's graphics are nearly indistinguishable and sometimes worse than the 360's because they port things over so sloppily half the time (See Bayonetta)

At the end of the day they are BOTH worth owning (Hense why i own both lol) and the if anyone is loking into getting a PS3 I suggest you pick up both the Uncharted games, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4 and possibly the Resistance games as these are the games that absolutely MAKE the system for myself. They are shining examples of what a properly done PS3 game can be. We just need more willing developers to make these triple A games.

But once again i find my primary gaming comes at the hand of my 360. Any multiplatform game is an instant by for the 360 for me as they generally just perform better.

Also everyone should check out Darksiders, this game is flying under the radar and is blatant rip off of Zelda, god of war/ Devil May Cry and a few other games but it rips them all off SOOOOOOOOOO well. IMO it's the grown up version of Zelda that Nintendo refuses to make. Damn good game that everyone should rent and give a try.

Also note that the 360 has great action/platformers the same as the PS3, though none on the level of Uncharted 2, but it unfair to call it a war console only. This may have been true of the first xbox but the 360 has a much more expansive set of titles (in terms of gameplay style and quantity) than the PS3 and thats undeniable.

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