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Mon: 3 mile run, then kickboxing which always starts with jump rope/pushup/situp/plank intervals, then pad work with the following combinations:

jab/ cross
jab/cross/hook (circle out on the hook)
jab/cross/hook rear leg round kick cross
jab/cross/hook inside leg kick cross
jab/cross/block/block (with the padholder swinging at you or smacking you upside the head or w/e)/cross

then kicking drills on the shield, alternating leg snap kicks, same leg low/high round, alternating leg low/high round, snap kick/knee, front kick/round. Everybody's trying to be all badass and make the pads make a lot of noise. This class keeps getting bigger and bigger, which is great, but tonight I could hardly jump rope without hitting somebody.

Tue: 3 mile run. achilles hurting a lot from all the jump rope yesterday.
Wed: MMA combination class, the usual jump rope, pad and bag work, then kimura , then kimura to armbar, then armbar to omoplata. Omoplata is going to be one of those things I have to do 1000 times before I remember it.
Thur: Judo. There was a lot of talkin so today was a rest day. My teacher unleashed seioi nage a couple times, without scaring the shit out of me. Part of it is because I'm more relaxed, part of it is because he's skilled enough to make anybody a good uke.
Fri: lifted chest and back, some bag drills, then a class which was only walking through various submissions.
Sat: judo: more gi chokes and some randori. karate: pump kick and blitzing drills.
Sun: rested

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