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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
First off, Welcome to the forum man

But it all depends on how free your life is you know, you can just straight into MMA, accually I think you should because if you still with BJJ till your satisfied that would take years, years that you could ALOT be implementing wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai.

Goodluck on your decision
Exactly, if MMA is what you're interested in, then go for MMA, even once a week is fine - because all it really is is putting your individual knowledge of striking/10th pjj together. I still believe however that the individual sports are more important in becoming a complete mixed martial artist, then taking the 'MMA' classes themselves. Eg, if a someone whose been doing 'MMA' classes for 5 years, and someone has been doing MT/BJJ for 5 years fought in an MMA bout, the MT/BJJ guy would win - because his technique would be more specific, ie much better. Just my opinion + a bit of rambling >.<

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